SatoriaNation (verbon)

1. Gaining a state of satori.

2. The awakening of nation.

3. To use the combined energy of awareness, love, creativity, will, and word.

4. An intention that a positive world cooperation is evolving.

Satori (from Zen Buddhism); a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment.

The basic philosophy of the Satoria Nation Party is that, while we live in the 21st Century, and have accumulated an astonishing store of knowledge, for the most part our society, its laws and customs, are founded on knowledge and traditions that are thousands of years old. Also, at the root of our current society is a basic idea that only the fit (should) survive. And it seems that the test of fitness in our society is the ability to make money. A more recent component of the industrial age has created a commonality of a forty-hour work week to be the standard for making money.

The Satoria Nation Party wishes to re-examine every aspect of our society in light of our 21st Century knowledge, and to ask what parts of our society can be changed to better serve humanity. We feel that a better test of ‘fitness’, if one is required, would be humanity’s ability to cooperate. While we, as a society, have shown the ability to cooperate in some ways, as evidenced by our material goods and comforts, in the spiritual aspect we still have this to do, as evidenced by the constant warfare ongoing around the world since time immemorial.

The Satoria Nation Party seeks to serve the Basic Needs of a Civilized Society, including:
Simplified Rule of Law
Redesigned Education
Living Standards

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