The Satoria Nation Project seeks to serve the Basic Needs of a Civilized Society, including:
Simplified Rule of Law

Education: Whereas our current educational system teaches our children to become corporate drones, the Satoria Nation Party wants to re-align the educational system to teach our children to think for themselves using research, questions, and logic, to understand what it means to be human, and how to relate to themselves and other humans and creatures. To teach current knowledge rather than accepted dogma. To be willing to confess when we don’t know something, or that actions taken in the past may not be what we would choose to do today.

A New Educational System

One of the most important elements to any civilization is the education of its citizens. The goal of the Satoria Nation project is to develop better educational systems that incorporate our current knowledge of how people actually learn as well as teaching better life skills, such as communication, logical and rational thinking, and how to learn. An additional goal is to develop web-based teaching programs that are designed in a way that the teaching program actually learns from the student and adapts itself to teach each student in the way the student learns best. We can develop such a system using existing survey technology, as well as mind-science knowledge. Life-long educational resources on all current knowledge and specialties would be available freely to anyone who wishes to use them.

Living Standards

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Satoria Nation Stated Goals
Satoria Nation Planning into the Future