Stated Developmental Goals

Satoria Nation Party’s Stated Developmental Goals

  • Sky-Scraper farms; self-sufficient, green, and organic growing, processing and distribution facilities.
  • Halting Deforestation, and replenishing our Global Forests with natural ecosystems (rather than planting quick-growing homogenous forests).
  • Using Hemp for paper goods (instead of trees)
  • Hydra-Cars: widely available fuel source, completely clean emissions. Patents already exist to convert existing vehicles to water power.
  • Tesla’s technology: implement wireless transmission of power; saving many resources and much labor in buildings as well as manufacture of powered devices.
  • Better water purification standards, without chemicals
  • Experiential Educational System, as well as introduction of 21st Century topics.
  • Automation of Production of Goods
  • Automation of Distribution; Networked Roads
  • Simple Law
  • Projects Portal: have an idea & need volunteers? Project/Volunteer matchmaking.
  • Space Travel development
  • Providing each human with the basic standard of living as listed above.

The Satoria Nation Party seeks to serve the Basic Needs of a Civilized Society, including:
Simplified Rule of Law
Redesigned Education
Living Standards

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