The Satoria Nation Party seeks to serve the Basic Needs of a Civilized Society, including:

Law: Currently there are over 2 million laws in our country! Our goal is to re-examine every code of law, and simplify our nation’s laws into a very small code that is easily learned, remembered, and followed, while respecting each human, as well as other creatures and the environment. While eliminating laws that create ‘victim-less’ crime and repealing laws that provide a stumbling block to personal freedoms, we also seek to provide redress under the law, with the understanding that we cannot know what justice is, providing for treatment and education rather than incarceration, and providing equal opportunity for all, which would serve to make many crimes (which are currently driven by an unfair societal standard of fitness) obsolete.

A New Legal System
In the United States there are over 1 million laws in the federal code, 2 million in the tax code, and then each state and even cities have their own laws. A goal of the Satoria Nation project is to create a new, simplified code of law which everyone can understand without need of a lawyer, and which creates the most personal freedom for all, while providing for restrictions when that freedom infringes upon another’s same freedom.

While our new societal paradigm will eliminate many of the causes of crime, if crime does occur our focus will be on education and treatment rather than punishment, and incarceration as a last resort. In general, as long as an activity is a ‘first-person’ event, or consensual between adults, that behavior will be legalized. A government’s main function is to protect its citizens from the ill-intent of others, not to be our mommy and daddy and tell us what we can and can’t do in our personal lives. We must protect the environment as well. An illegal action would be one that causes measurable harm to another or to our community or environment, which harms all of us.

Property rights are an important concept to address here. When free-market capitalism was first started, it was a way to provide inventors with a way to keep ownership and profit of their inventions. This new society would largely do away with capitalism, but would be providing every person in the community with the resources to achieve their ideals. If you are living freely, and able to take what you want from the community pool, what need have you for profit?

As for personal property, each would be in control of their home and goods. We would probably develop a vehicle sharing system, and make the use of a vehicle freely available to any who need one. With the elimination of money, there would be no need of a landlord/tenant relationship. The tenant would become the new ‘owner’ of the home they occupy. People are allowed to move, trade, or build freely, or as allowed by their local communities. It is up to us all to build in harmony with one another.

Redesigned Education
Living Standards

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