The Satoria Nation Party seeks to serve the Basic Needs of a Civilized Society, including:
Simplified Rule of Law
Redesigned Education

Living Standards: to eliminate the current societal standard of ‘money’ as the basis for how each person can live, we propose to completely replace the current monetary standard with a volunteer society. The exact specifications for this will require some research. What we need to ascertain is the actual number of human-hours and skills necessary to maintain our society at or above its current standard of living.

We must take into account the basic factors of the Standard of Living which we want to maintain and/or improve:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • Technology

Currently, although the majority of our able adult population works 40 hours (or more!) per week, our contention is that this standard is not necessary to maintain our society; instead it is just a (bad) habit we have gotten into. Consider what effect just one simple change, the elimination of a monetary system, would have on our labor needs. All the labor currently employed in banking, tax collection, insurance, stock markets, accounting, collections, even clerking and cashiering, no longer necessary! Then (and thereby eliminating the 40-hour work-week habit), how many human-hours are now necessary to maintain and/or improve the current standards of the above list?


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