Planning Into the Future

Satoria Nation Party’s Plan for Achieving the above Goals

  1. Research teams to answer the following questions:
    1. What are the actual human-hours necessary for providing the Standard of Living as listed above? This number also will depend on the answer to (1.2)
    2. Exactly what tasks in our production can be automated, and how many human-hours and what resources will be necessary to implement that automation?
    3. What is the best blueprint for sky-scraper farms, and how many humans each will supply, then determining how many will be built, and how many human-hours will be needed to build them?
    4. How many automobiles will need the hydro-car conversion, and how many human-hours and what resources will be needed to build conversion kits and install them to convert our existing supply of automobiles to run on water?
  2. Assemble a committee of people educated in law as well as some average G.E.D. students, some scientists, and some ethics people, coming together to review and revise the code of law to a simpler and fairer standard.
    1. The lawyers will explain what the law is
    2. The scientists will test the law according to scientific principles
    3. The G.E.D. students will state the law in common, everyday language
    4. The Ethics people will make sure the law can be applied fairly.
  3. Assemble a committee of educators, parents, scientists, and students, to develop a new educational model.
  4. Once 1-3 are done, and the number of volunteers needed is known, we will call for volunteers across the nation to create the new society. When the burden of volunteers is met, we will move forward into the implementation phase of this venture. Further planning at this point in time is unwise, as much will depend on the results of items 1-3.

Thank you for reading. It is our wish that we have provided you with hope; hope that there is a better life possible, that humanity can grow to meet our current perceived challenges, and that we can finally evolve beyond war and into the future!

Please write us with any questions, or to volunteer, at

The Satoria Nation Party seeks to serve the Basic Needs of a Civilized Society, including:
Simplified Rule of Law
Redesigned Education
Living Standards

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