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So, it all sounds good, but it seems like it will take a long time and a lot of work to make it happen! Where will all the resources come from? Who’s gonna build all that stuff? How?

Satoria Nation can be accomplished in 7 stages, through completely volunteer labor.

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Stage 1: Overall Conceptual Design.

This phase has produced the document you are reading, as well as other materials you can find on Stages 1-4 may overlap in some regards, and can be done simultaneously to conserve time.

Stage 2: Technical Design Phase

Recruiting and bringing a volunteer team of specialists in many fields together to design the blueprints, technical, resource and labor specifications. This team will consist of every one needed to design these systems, including; project coordinators, engineers of all sorts, botanists, biologists, doctors, educators, automation specialists, software engineers and architects, the list goes on… If you have skills in developing system specs, please contact us today!

Stage 3: Recruiting Phase

Recruiting the labor needed both to build the new systems, and to remain in current necessary jobs (such as food production, power generation, communications, medicine, etc.) as volunteers during the building phase.

Stage 4: Canvassing/Networking Phase

Spreading the word of this community effort and project to every citizen, in every way possible including: internet, video, marketing, surveying, and even door-to-door evangelizing. The goal of this task is to ask for a critical mass to stand with us on day one of Phase 5.

Stage 5: Standing Up & Resigning from our Current Society

Stage 5 will take place on a coordinated hour across the nation. We will announce our intentions as a group. We will burn our money, our credit cards, and our financial instruments. We will resign from our current jobs (except for those who are volunteering to remain in their jobs to keep necessary services and production going. We will have a day of celebration, and then we will begin…

Stage 6: Building Phase

Volunteers in every area begin building the new systems. This phase will last a maximum of 2 years to establish the basic living systems. Developing some additional systems, such as medical automation or road maintenance systems may take slightly longer.

Stage 7: Retirement!

Congratulations! Pat ourselves on the back! We have completely redesigned our society. Now is the time to relax and start to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Projects of all sorts will still be going on, but on a strictly personal volunteer basis. Yay!

Now, imagine for a moment that our team has completed the Conceptual Design and Technical Design Phases, and that we have found and recruited all the volunteers needed to both build the new systems and maintain the necessary existing systems during the building phase. You may have never heard of the project before, but then someone knocks on your door. You open it to see a neatly dressed person standing there with an excited gleam in their eye.

“I have phenomenal news for you!” this person announces happily. “On March 4th you can retire!” Puzzled, you invite them in. Your unexpected guest gets out a video and asks if you will watch it – it’s only 10 minutes long. You agree. You watch the video and see what we have in mind for the future.

Now your guest says, “Everything is in place to build this. We would like you to support us. You don’t have to do anything extra, in fact we want you to do less. There are already more than enough people to build this. All we want you to do is promise that on March 4th, you will withdraw your support from the current system. Maybe even quit your job. Will you help us by doing those two things?”

What would your answer be?

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